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Health is precious. But sometimes it's not easy to keep. Especially when we are under stress, not getting enough rest, not eating  proper diet, which all deplete our immune system. And when our immunity is low, it's easy to catch every flu and

virus that comes along. Eventually our body breaks down from not having enough "building blocks" to repair it.  A disease may settle in. 

The Bogdana RNF - Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula is a one of a kind nutritional supplement, containing over 100 natural nutrients - building blocks- in a liquid form.


The vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, collagen, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients are all blended into honey and molasses base. In fact, the list of ingredients is so long that we have to send you to a seperate page. Click "Ingredient List" to see it. 


The formula is predigested so it is absorbed into the body immediately without going through digestive process.


It provides a proper nutrition on a cellular level. It's a great nutrition for everyone and especially for people who have difficulty swallowing dry pills and capsules. The Bogdana RNF provides the nutrients that may be missing from our diet. It also provides a great support for healing.


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