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The Bogdana RNF is nothing short of amazing! Not only do I use it internally (which has helped my immunity a great deal) when I take this consistently I don’t get sick, I also use it topically. As a facial mask, for burns and cuts. My husband recently cut himself and I made him put it on the cut. It stings at first, but goes away. His cut healed so much more quickly then it would have otherwise. I even give it to my dog. He loves it. I could keep going. Thank you Bogdana!! Ann G. CA


In May of 2014 I read on your website about the benefits of Cholestaway. I am 84 years old and have suffered with diverticulitis and have experienced irregular digestion of food. Sometimes I would go an entire week without a bowel movement. I begun to include Cholestaway in my diet and the results have been simply fabulous. I now have a regular bowel movements on a daily basis, my food is no longer stagnating and toxis are being eliminated before they threaten my oveall health. The word of mouth is the best advertising and I sing praises of Cholestaway to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Bogdana for turning my health condition around with a wondeful product. Simon F. N.Y.


I am writing this letter regarding you fabulous Formula. I am a person who had the worst case of psoriasis imaginable. It was all over my body and the itching and scaling was unbearable, as it was very deep and I have had it for 10 years. You have no idea what I've gone through over these past ten years. Nothing seemed to work to relieve the agony and scaling and itching until I was introduced to your (rejuvenating) formula. M.S.

I, L.P.B., am a user of the Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula. I have been a user for 8 months. All I can say is, it's the most. You will have to try it to know what is really does for you. I can eat all types of foods now. Before I could not eat oranges, grapefruit, grapes, a few others, but since the 8 months on the Bogdana formula, no more red itching and dryness in my face. It's the most. L.P.B.


Although it has only been a few days since I have been taking the (Bogdana) Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula, it seems to me that I am already experiencing more energy, which was sadly lacking during the last 2 weeks of very hot humid summer weather. E.D.

My energy level has increased considerably, and I no longer have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. This has been a problem of mine for a long time, and I'm grateful to be rid of it. Though I had taken vitamins for many years, I never really noticed a difference. After three and half weeks of starting Bogdana Nutritional Formula, I noticed how much energy I still had at the end of the day. Normally, the TV would go on and that would be it for the night. Now, I take the dogs for a walk, call friends, wash my van and other things that only got done on weekends! It feels great to enjoy more of my days. Last year I was given a five year old miniature Schnauzer that was very ill. Two thirds of his body was covered with sores, the hair was missing and he had a serious ear infection. The vet said that he would not live much longer without treatment and it would take a year or more for complete recovery. I started Max (the dog) on the Nutritional formula and rejuvenating mask twice a day. Within three months the results were remarkable! The sores were gone, his hair grew back and his personality came out. Max was a new dog! The vet was amazed at his recovery. Max is a father of four now and is soon to be a grandfather. M.C.

The results have been dramatic. After 5 weeks on Bogdana Nutritional Formula the findings are as follows: 1) No internal bleeding 2) Gained approximately 4-5 lbs. 3) Pain occasional, but minimal 4) Increase in energy level 5) Sleeping almost normal 6) X-rays show 10 to 12% decrease in size of mass I am continuing with the (Bogdana) formula, as the results to this point and time have been, to say the least, remarkable. Additional x-rays will be taken on a monthly basis, to monitor the decrease in mass size. In view of the prognosis given me by my medical doctor, I feel that the formula is the only thing that has reversed my condition. L.O.

Two years ago, my wife introduced me to the Bogdana Nutritional Formula. At that time I had been on medications and under the care of a physician. Within a year after beginning to take the Bogdana formula on a daily basis, twice a day, I no longer needed to take any of the medications for the diabetes, and my blood pressure became and continues to be well under control. I have noticed a great improvement in many areas. I am a man of 74 years and have an abundance of energy. I feel as though I were many years younger. The over-all quality of life for me is greatly improved. I thank goodness for Bogdana. I wish I had known about it much sooner. Keep up the wonderful work. E.W. CA

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis. We listened to the program featuring the man who had MS and was feeling so much better after taking the (Bogdana Nutritional) Formula. We tried it for the month and have seen great progress. My husband who is bed-ridden always had recurrent urinary track infections. He was weakened tremendously by the antibiotics prescribed. Since taking your formula, his urine is clear! Thank God for your program. We have renewed hope that by taking the formula, mighty things may take place in the future. Your formula is the best birthday gift he ever had. He has MS for 20 years; hopefully, we have stopped further attacks by faithfully taking this nutritional formula. M.K. Largo, FL

I am happy to tell you that my 21 year old daughter, who is on dialysis, has gotten wonderful results from the internal (Bogdana) Nutritional Formula. She takes 1/3 tsp every morning. This is a good dosage for her because it does not seem to create abnormally high potassium levels which would linger in her blood until the next dialysis session. Her kidneys had apparently ceased to manufacture a hormone that helped produce red blood cells and she had a low hematocrit range from 25 to 30. This was the best she could do. Now it is 42. The medical people thought their machine was malfunctioning at first; now they are puzzled since they do not believe kidney function can be regenerated. Also her skin is clearing! She has had severe acne since she first became ill more that seven years ago. C.A. PA 

I visited my sister-in-law a few days ago, and I was amazed to see her up, and getting around so swiftly, and so renewed. She looked like her old self of years ago. Usually when you visit her, she is lying down or dragging slowly around in her housecoat, with a look of despair - and stomach extended with gas - no matter what she ate. I asked him what she had gotten a hold of that made he anew (for she has been under the care of medical doctor for years). She told me that through the radio broadcast, she heard of your wonderful tonic. When I spoke to her, she had only taken three doses and already, praise God, she could see and feel the difference - no more stomach extended with gas and hard as a rock - no more having to lie down in the day. She eats everything now and she could not eat before. Ms. R.M.

I have been taking Bogdana Nutritional Formula since 1989. Prior to using this product, I suffered from chronic anemia (Hgb of 7.8), severe osteoarthritis, as well as the inability to eat and comfortably digest many different foods. I am overwhelmed at how this product has improved my physical mobility as well as making it possible for me to now eat most anything without discomfort. My hemoglobin is now 14.8 and the cervical arthritis no longer has the restricting power over the movement of my neck to either side comfortably. I contribute all this wonderful improvement to having faithfully used the formula on daily basis. I am very thankful to God and to you for making this product. I am experiencing wonderful results and I never intend to be without the Bogdana Nutritional Products. Thank you. L.T.

My skin looks more radiant and the compliments I receive on how good I look are many. I feel just fine and at the present time I am under great stress, more so than at any time in my life, but I am coping with it in such a fashion that I can only attribute it to your (nutritional) formula. J.M.

Did you ever ask the question "Why me"? I remember when I was finally diagnosed having Lyme disease, my first reaction was "You mean I'm not crazy. I really have been sick these past two years? It hasn't all been in my mind? At first I was relieved! Okay, now we finally know what to treat, let's do it! I began to research different alternative therapies for treatment of the disease. The key factor in all my research always pointed out back to the immune system. The body is a wonderful machine and its ability to heal itself is the single biggest marvel of life. I knew our bodies were designed to fight off disease if given the proper nutrition. Makes sense. Right? So I set out to different doctors. I began mega vitamin therapy along with Vitamin C infusions. I did feel somewhat better, but I experienced a great deal of fatigue. My energy and money began to run out along with all hope of getting better. One day I turned to WWDJ-710 AM and heard a Health show regarding nutritional product called Bogdana Nutritional Formula. I listened for weeks and finally called and ordered. I showed it to my doctor, he had already heard about it and felt it couldn't hurt to try it. I have tried other nutritional formulas, but in my opinion Bogdana Formula works to rid our body of toxins that keep us from optimum health. Bogdana Formula works for me! P.P. New Jersey.

I had a pleasure of meeting Joseph Gruber  in 1991, the scientist who invented Bogdana Nutritional Formula.Having listened to a health show aired in New York during which the advanced science within the Bogdana Liquid Nutritional Formula was being discussed. I was motivated to order the formula. At the time, I had a serious illness that continued to worsen. When I started taking Bogdana formula, my journey toward health restoration had begun; it was not an overnight sensation for me; my improvement was more like two steps forward and one step backward. Along the way, I frequently spoke with Joseph Gruber who guided me as to the best way to take the liquid nutrients to get the best results. Seeing the results in improvement of my health, I became a distributor for the Bogdana Corporation and eventually represented Bogdana as a radio host for "Let's Talk About Health", a show that aired on numerous stations throughout the United States. I believe that Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula was largely responsible for the eventual restoration of my health, and I give credit to Joseph Gruber who had a great positive impact on many aspects of my life. He now lives on in my heart where I still relate to him. R. W. A.,  New York. 

I would also like you to know that your Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula is helping me with my many health problems. Nothing else has helped my energy level like this formula has. M.L. A Most grateful customer

After being on the Bogdana Nutritional Formula for six weeks, I subtlety realized I didn't feel the need for my daily afternoon coffee for energy. I work very late evening hours. I now have energy, stamina endurance without relying on coffee. My clients told me that my face even looks better due to the Bogdana Skin Care products. B.H. Florida


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