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I have been using this product for about 2 months now. I normally have all sorts of problems with IBS and Diverticulosis. I feel for the first time in several years that I am cured! It is amazing! My IBS and Diverticulosis has not given me a problem at all. My intestinal tract has become regular and I have absolutely no pain and have not had a "flare up" since I started using this product. I have a lot more energy and people will randomly tell me how great I look! I have recommended this product to my circle of friends and will continue to use this product throughout my lifetime! I feel fantastic! Betty, AZ


After being on the Bogdana Nutritional Formula for six weeks, I subtlety realized I didn't feel the need for my daily afternoon coffee for energy. I work very late evening hours. I now have energy, stamina endurance without relying on coffee. My clients told me that my face even looks better. Beverly, FL


I was introduced to Bogdana in 1992. I had a lot of things wrong with me, You name it, I had it. I started the dosage that you recommended and lo and behold in a short period of time, my problems started to disappear. You call it the Detox Period, I call it a Miracle. I was a Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service and was having trouble walking because of pain in my leg. Well, the pain soon disappeared and I was on my way to living a good life again. Most of my other maladies soon were a thing of the past. I've been using Bogdana for 20 years and I can safely say that it has made me live again and get more out of life. I commend your company for bringing such a superior Health Product to market. In closing, I must say that I'm hooked on Bogdana, having a great deal of faith in it and I will use it for the rest of my days on the Planet. By the way, importantly, I just turned 83 on Jan. 1. Thank you, Take Care and May God Smile Down on you. S.F., N.Y.

I had been diagnosed by my doctor as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said I had a high measurement of Epstein-Barr Virus and an extremely high measurement of other viruses. Additionally I had large quantities of Candida and parasites in my body. The doctor told me there was nothing he could do and suggested that I learn to live with my condition. He did seem to think that vitamins would give me marginal relief. Although traditional vitamins did afford me some relief, my health continued to degenerate. I was spending an average of $150.00 per month on mega doses of vitamins, which seemed only to be slowing down the progress of the disease. During one sleepless Saturday night I prayed for help. The next morning the clock radio went off at 7:25 AM; the radio dial was positioned on W.O.R. 710 on the AM. The words startled me because I heard, who I later found out to be Joe Gruber, inventor of the nutritional formula, say "Bogdana is the name of our nutritional formula and skin care products". He said that Bogdana means "GOD HAS GIVEN". I restrained myself from phoning the 800 number immediately and ordering the product. Instead, I listened to the radio show for two more weeks. Finally I phoned the Bogdana Corporation in California and ordered Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula. During my third or fourth week of taking the formula, I noticed my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome related allergies were diminishing. After six weeks of taking the internal formula my detoxification became obvious: constant runny nose, pimples, vomiting up Candida, my eyes frequently teared and large quantities of mucus were being coughed up. The Bogdana people talked me through this ordeal. By December 1990 it was apparent that I was beginning to feel better, I was having an occasional good day. It became a process of two steps forward and one backward. I was beginning to feel a sense of well being and hope that I hadn't experienced in a long time. I was so excited by the progress of my health that I became a Bogdana distributor. I no longer suffer from Chronic Fatigue and as time has passed, I’ve continued to improve in other ways. R.A. NY

I have taken it (Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula) for two days and my heavy symptoms of diabetic neuropothy and other problem are being slowly taken away. I do not feel the pain as before. Can't wait to use it for a year, I will definitely have great results. I have to thank you and my friend for introducing it to me. Many thanks ! I will post again in a month. L.M.G., Georgia

I recently developed 'Palmoplantar pustulosis' a type of psoriasis. It occurs on the palms of the hands, and or soles of the feet. It's painful and very inconvenient due to its location. After a month of suffering with this (I work with my hands), my friend suggested I try rubbing Bogdana liquid vitamins on it. I have tried every other natural remedy I found suggested on the internet, with no relief! After the first night of leaving the Bogdana on it for a couple of hours....I slept better! (I have been waken up by the itching). As long as I used Bogdana, there was no itching waking me up in the early morning. Finally, after a week of using it, I have no more developing since I first tried the Bogdana, and my hand is healing rapidly!!! It's a miracle, and I am very grateful! Thank you. JR

I had been doctoring glaucoma for about 4 years when I started using the product last July. I discontinued using the prescribed eye drops and the pressure started to drop. Having come down from 21 to 17 it the four years with medication, the pressure dropped to 13 from just last September to my appointment in November, without medication and just with Bogdana (rejuvenating nutritional formula). I am anxious to see the results when I return to the eye doctor in May. I am real pleased with the progress I've made in this area of my health. Sincerely, E.P.

A great product you have (Bogdana), truly "God" given. One Saturday I was listening to WWDJ radio station and I became interested in the health talks. I am a house painter and suffer from back problems. While moving furniture, a pain shot through my spine and it continued to run down through my legs, ankles, it was unbearable. This time,

I was convinced Bogdana was for me. I ordered the big bottle. Well, I went to the hospital, they prescribed pain pills and I didn't want to upset the work the Bogdana formula had begun, so I prayed and kept focused on Divine health. I went to the chiropractor and he said I needed six months of treatment. I was in sad shape and couldn't walk on one of my back heals. In three weeks I was well, swimming and exercising. I look and feel great; I have more energy and well-rounded good feeling. I still feel the product is working and rebuilding my body and mind. I had a life of drugs, alcohol and smoking, so it's getting cleaned out and rejuvenated. I suffered from gas pain at least once a week. Well, that disappeared and I am thankful. Thank you for letting me share. J.B.

My husband and I are 73 years old and we have been told that we are aging backwards.  We look like we are 60.  We attribute our good health and younger looks to your wonderful formula.  Please don't ever stop manufacturing it. Sincerely, Mary & Gary C..

Just a few lines to let you know what Bogdana (RNF) has done for me. When people ask me for my age, I tell them that my age is 83 but my body is 38. My wife said that I am not normal because she never see anyone can go seven days a week and keep on going without stopping. I keep a bottle of Bogdana on the table for her to see where I get my energy from. I had surgery for cancer and during months of chemotherapy and radiation, I did not lose an ounce of energy. I will advise anyone who wants to stay strong and healthy to eat right food and take Bogdana. All I can say, Bogdana is the thing for me. I will never do without it. Yours truly, C.D.

I wanted to thank you for your very fine product, the Bogdana (nutritional) formula. My father was diagnosed a year ago with a tumor, although a biopsy wasn't taken, cancer cells were found in the fluid around lungs. The doctor concluded it was either in the spleen or the pancreas area, and it was inoperable. My father started on Bogdana and shark cartilage shortly after. He was also taking Ester C and garlic. When tested recently in the hospital, the fluid showed no cancer cells and the Cat scans showed no signs of a tumor. Also his triglycerides fell from 280 to 166. I would suggest the regular use of Bogdana in the strongest possible terms. I feel that it was very significant in my father's healing. Sincerely, R.F.

I want you to know that I have been very sick with intestinal problems for over one year. I have had so many X-rays, sonograms, colonoscopy, gastroscopy (two), blood tests, and also MRI and the doctors were unable to find anything. I had a biopsy of my stomach and they did find that I had bacteria, but never said it was something to worry about or treat. I had lost 15 lbs. And this bothered me along with severe pains I was experiencing in my stomach and the gall bladder area and also very sharp, stabbing pains near my heart. I felt very sick. I could hardly function. It also affected my eyes. My doctor suggested going to a therapist or psychiatrist. I said no way, even though I do have a lot of stress on the job and in the home, I know that this was not a result of the stress. I am a very strong person, mentally, I believe in God and have faith in the Lord and this keeps me sane. I was given the drug nystatin because I have candida in my mouth; at least that was what my dentist thinks. This did not help my intestinal problems and my problem in the mouth has not cleared, but it is a miracle that as soon as I started taking your nutritional formula, just 15 days mind you, I felt wonderful. This is why I reordered and plan to keep on taking this marvelous formula. I tell everyone about it. I hate taking vitamin pills, there are so many to take, but with this formula, it is so easy and convenient, I love it. I want to thank you again and please use my testimonial . God bless you. Sincerely, S.P.

I meant to tell you when I went for my yearly physical - the doctor asked me if I took vitamins. I said, "Yes a very good one". He said, "That's why you look so good." I said, "That's a testimony to Bogdana." Joan

One Sunday morning in mid-February 1992 I woke up early and was twirling my radio dial when I caught your radio program about Bogdana. Well, if anyone needed Bogdana, I was a prime candidate. You name a malady and I had it. In fact, the pain in my left knee joint was so excruciating that I was going to a therapist and was having a difficult time on my job as a Letter Carrier. I had arthritis in other parts of my body, sinus headaches at least three times a week and the host of other conditions which made my life miserable for me. I took a message and made good use of it and have been amazed by the results. As I write this letter to you I am in my 320th day of taking Bogdana Nutritional Formula and am hitting new highs in my overall feeling of well-being. When I have to call on my body to perform, it seems that my reservoir of stamina is almost unlimited. When I started on Bogdana I was 62, I just turned 63 on January 1, 1993, and I truly feel like a "Kid" again. I personally want to thank you, the inventor of such an innovative nutritional product, for all Mankind and nominate you as "My man of the Year." Bogdana means "God has given" and I firmly believe that you were placed on this planet to deliver his message. May God continue to smile down on you. My best to you and to the entire Bogdana Family. Cordially, S.M.F.

Again, many thanks! I thought I thanked you already, but I want to thank you for something else. I had been having bleeding from my rectum for a long time now. I had been to a doctor, had cat scans, x-rays, etc. and nothing helped, even prednisone. Taking you liquid vitamins, even for such a short time, has stopped the bleeding. I can't thank you enough. I think of others who are suffering, and like you, feel I want to share this with them. A.R.

This letter contains the medical report from the Radiology Department of Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon with the following by the customer: I was told that amputation was the only way to end my discomfort. I attribute this change to three basic therapies: 1) Nutritional supplement using Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula as well as other dietary changes 2) Massage and reflexology 3) Being inspired gave me hope for healing, (faith) was the other therapy I used 4) There was no intervening surgery performed D.L.


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