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Part of the Bogdana philosophy of beauty is that the face and skin are the barometers that measure our inner health. When we experience great stress, are in ill health, or deficient in nutrition, our body becomes out of balance, and the result will be evident in our outward appearance.

Our company has been helping our customers with their nutritional needs for the last

35 years. The scientist and the founder of the Bogdana Corporation dedicated over sixteen years of research to studying the human body and what it takes to keep it in homeostasis. The goal was to provide complete nutrition at the cellular level.

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Best Liquid Minerals

Liquid Micronutrition and Bogdana


The Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins came into existence based on a study and personal research of Joseph Gruber, the founder of the Bogdana Corporation. It was not done with the idea of marketing a product but for the sheer scientific information that relates to good health, and the role nutrition might play in homeostasis.


Mr. Gruber dedicated over sixteen years of research and study into the human body and what role nutrition plays in keeping it young and in good health. The goal was to provide complete nutrition at the cellular level by considering:


  • Assimilation of nutrients 

  • Nutritional wholeness

  • Electromagnetic resonance of body cells & organs 


The deeper the investigation became the more convinced Mr. Gruber was that complete nutrition, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, etc., working in synergy, was critical for good health including the support for healing. 


Based on his research data he created the Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula (RNF) liquid vitamins - a rich, sweet-tasting liquid, packed with over 100 nutrients - vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, enzymes, and others. Bogdana has marked the start of a new era, more commonly known, and referred to as Bioenergetic Micronutrition (the flow of energy in the human body that refers primarily to the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into usable energy).  Next to nutrients, the key success of our product is in its ingenious manufacturing procedure. To achieve total assimilation of nutrients, the ingredients are broken into smaller particle structures and simpler forms.


The Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins provide food for the cells in two forms:


  1. Physical - with micro sizes of 150 natural and organic nutrients

  2. Energetic nutrition - the magnetic resonance that is incorporated into the product


We believe that the Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins are one of the most complete formulations on the market. There are more than 100 nutrients and micronutrients incorporated in the making of this supplement and all are considered important to the human body. For better assimilation the ingredients are further reduced in particle size by a pre-digestion process with enzymes, making the formula very easy for the body to utilize. The complete nutrition and proper balance of nutrients working together in biological synergy eliminate the need for high doses of individual supplements.


The food supply today in itself is not enough to provide all the necessary nutrients. Growing food in the same fields for years, and for centuries in some cases, deplete the soil of minerals and especially trace minerals that are so important for the body's performance. The use of chemical fertilizers does not restore many of the essential nutrients back to earth.


Dietary supplementation helps cover our nutrition needs by providing many of the nutrients we become deficient in, either by bad diet, fast foods, and stress, which are all part of a modern lifestyle, or the nonexistence of those nutrients in our food supply today. 


Clinical studies stress the importance and effectiveness of micronutrient supplementation in providing bioenergy to achieve optimum performance.


The first teaspoon of RNF liquid vitamins will help provide these essential building blocks/fuel necessary to promote optimum health.

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