Have a Problem? Don't Think About It!

Until recently, neuroscientists believed that our brains function on a very low level when we are daydreaming or sleeping. But a number of new studies indicate just the oposite. When we daydream or sleep, parts of our brain are working intensely on a number of thoughts, and it may be that our most creative period is during sleep or when our minds wander. Interviews with some of the world's most creative thinkers found that most of their best creative ideas came unconsciously. One physicist stated that the solution to a problem came to him as he stepped off a buss, not even thinking about the problem. Others report that such a baffling creative thoughts came upon waking up from sleep or even a dream. Most creative people stated that they had no idea where their ideas came from, they seemed to come unconsciously. It is as if there is a separate mind in our brains that works silently to solve problems, yet it never openly speaks to us. Albert Einstein would spend hours with his eyes closed and allow his thoughts to wander until answers would suddenly appear. So go ahead and let your mind wander, it may come up with a solution to your problem or a new discovery!.....read entire article

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