How Using the Internet Can Help the Old Stay Young At Heart

The World Wide Web has become highly populated as people use it to perform various activities, and seniors are definitely a significant part of that story. Surveys have revealed that baby-boomers (persons born between 1946-1964) spend nearly as much time browsing the web as millennials (persons born in the 1980s or 1990s).

A majority of the baby boomers access the Internet mainly for information and necessary social activities.

While it is true that a misuse of the internet can be damaging, the digital age has brought a lot of benefits, even for the oldest people in our society. It all depends on how one chooses to utilize the resources at hand. The team behind MedAlertHelp has also found this topic interesting and decided to compile an info-graphic you’ll find below the text.

Seniors Love to be Online As Well

On this subject, it would be ample to point out that senior citizens have found ways to use the Internet to improve their living conditions and enhance their mental states. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

57% of them use the internet to shop; some particularly enjoy checking out the latest shopping deals and discounts. Others enjoy browsing through new additions and collections of their favorite brands on various items of interests. Over 40% of them check out information about food and cooking (recipes, tutorials, etc.).

The trendy ones go online to play games. Doing so has been touted to help improve mental sharpness, an attribute that is essential to retain as we grow old. In fact, 26% of the elderly have been reported to say that they play virtual games to remain mentally alert. This goes to prove that using the Internet and social networks can have a positive effect on seniors’ health.

Technology and social networks also helps seniors keep in touch with family and friends. Some of them love to watch their favorite TV programs on the internet. Reports show that 54% of seniors watch online videos and 40% of them do so to stay updated with the news.

Some older people prefer to use the internet resources to gain knowledge and tips on longevity. Roughly 53% of seniors browse the web to educate themselves, especially about healthcare or how to respond to basic medical issues. This is one significant way the Internet has improved the lives of old people.

To find out more fascinating ways the Internet has enhanced the lives of the elderly, check the info-graphic below:

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