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Are You Aware Of These 7 Nutrient Deficiencies That are Incredibly Common And Can Ruin Your Health?

Lack of time or self-discipline for physical activities like spending time outside with your family and loved ones, seasonal viruses attacking our weak immune systems, poor and unchanged diet - support nothing but the disease.

All vitamins and minerals must remain balanced. This relatively stable state is called homeostasis. The concept was described by a French physiologist Claude Bernard back in 1849 [1]. In Greek, this word means as much as "steady" or "same". [2] It was intensely described in the book "The Wisdom Of The Body" by Walter Cannon [3]. The author describes how brilliant and powerful our bodies actually are. We can keep the same body temperature regardless of the air or room temperature.

However, what happens if we lose our body warmth? It can be only one or two degrees difference and our immunity drops. As threats, in the form of viruses, arrive at our body the inflammation begins. We become sick. We begin to fight.

Let us introduce you to 7 of the most common nutrient deficiencies that can ruin your health.

Vitamin D

1) Vitamin D Deficiency - In the United States, about 42% of people may be deficient in this vitamin. The number rises to 74% in older adults! If you experience muscle weakness or bone loss you might need more Vitamin D. [4] You should consume more fatty fish like tuna or salmon, egg yolks, beef liver, and expose your body to sunlight. Always remember to protect your skin from sunburn.

Vitamin B12

  2) Vitamin B12 Deficiency - Every cell in your body needs B12 to function normally. Your body is unable to produce it all. For example, due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12, you may suffer from megaloblastic anemia which is a blood disorder that enlarges your red blood cells. [5] Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk. Generally, it is not present in plants.


  3) Calcium Deficiency - It mineralizes bones and teeth. It is crucial for bone maintenance. Osteoporosis is a common symptom. [6] Tofu, nuts, sprouting broccoli, spinach, or soya beans are good sources of it. [7]

Vitamin A

  4) Vitamin A Deficiency - Helps you maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones and cell membranes. Vitamin A deficiency can cause both temporary and permanent eye damage or even lead to blindness. [8] Eat more cheese, eggs, and oily fish if you need more vitamin A. One portion of beef liver covers your need for vitamin A five times.


  5) Magnesium Deficiency - It is involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions. Abnormal heart rhythm, muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, fatigue, and migraines are some of the symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency. [9] Dark and leafy green vegetables provide a lot of magnesium.


  6) Iodine Deficiency - It is an essential mineral for normal thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency is affecting nearly a third of the world’s population. [10] The common symptoms are enlarged thyroid gland, also known as goiter, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and weight gain. Eat more seafood. Cod, tuna, shrimps, and seaweed are great sources of this mineral.


  7) Iron Deficiency - Iron is a large component of red blood cells, which binds with hemoglobin and transports oxygen to your cells. [11] Over 25% of people worldwide are affected. The consequence of iron deficiency is anemia or very low red blood cell count. Symptoms include tiredness, weakness, a weakened immune system, and impaired brain function. Iron is derived from hemoglobin. Therefore, it is found in animal meat that originally contained hemoglobin like red meat or fish.


An active lifestyle and healthy eating habits are playing a vital role in your health. Don't let the disease take advantage of your temporary weakness in form of vitamin deficiency. Get right back on track and provide your body with the best possible foods that contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, if your primary care physician suggests supplementing to bring your body back to the homeostasis, we highly recommend giving Bogdana RNF a chance. "Bogdana Liquid Vitamins" was able to blend more than 100 nutrients, honey, and molasses as a natural preservative, essential minerals, a-z vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, collagen, and enzymes into the formula. It took over 16 years of research to develop this unique formula. Visit www.bogdanaliquidvitamins.com for more information.

Stay Healthy,

Mateusz Wis

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