Bogdana Liquid Vitamins



The main benefit of taking liquid vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is the fact that drinking our vitamins bypasses the digestive process. Liquids are easier to swallow than dry pills and capsules. The benefits of liquid vitamins start as soon as they are consumed. They get into the bloodstream much faster compared to the solid form of vitamins. With dry preparations, the body has to first break down the pill or capsule. They usually contain binders, cheap fillers, and preservatives and it is not uncommon to have hard capsules or tablets pass right through our body without being absorbed at all.


According to the National Advisory Board, a 100mg consumed in a tablet form translates to a minimum stabilized 8.3mg or 8.3% accumulated in the blood, while liquids are absorbed almost entirely. That means that we absorb up to 98% of liquid vitamins versus only 20-25% in hard capsules or tablets. When we consume even micro-doses of vitamins and minerals in liquid form, we absorb more nutrients than what we might be getting from mega-doses of vitamins in dry form. Taking liquid vitamins makes better sense, especially for elderly and children, as they provide significant nutrients, we all need. It is very beneficial to the average person, whether they suffer from health problems or not to choose liquid vitamins in a whole food formulation with many essential nutrients, rather than synthetic formulation of many pills and capsules.


If you’re looking for a good liquid nutritional supplement to support your health, it is imperative to look for a complete dietary supplement that provides a whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, proteins and other nutrients that are important to our health and also contains the nutrients that may be missing from our diet. Bogdana RNF- Rejuvenating Formula liquid supplement is such a product.

Try it and experience the difference!

"As a crew, we do want to thank you for creating such a reliably beneficial addition to the pantheon of great products, considering that most everything sold today cannot pass BDORT or QRA testing, which Bogdana most certainly does. In those rare occasions where the use of Rife and related frequencies just didn't yield sufficient results, Dr. Cohen would inevitably turn to Bogdana and our long-time use of your delightful liquid nutrition in a bottle."  - Staff, for Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC