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Liquid Vitamin Detox

Liquid Vitamins & Detoxification - The Road To Health

Detoxification is a natural phenomenon that is usual for most people. Detoxification is manifested in many ways as this report will explain

Detoxification is the cleansing, purification, release of substances, emotions, and energy fields that are in the body and not beneficial to its wellness. These toxic interferences are easily absorbed during normal living because we are surrounded by toxins.


Today, the body is under assault from pollution, pesticides, processing, and all kinds of side effects from our modern lifestyles gone astray. Somehow these toxins have to be released by the body to be healthy and not age prematurely. The body itself is continually trying to detoxify and often cannot because of the nature of today’s toxins. Too often, the body's inability to eliminate these toxins leads to a build-up of toxicity inside the body. The result is a steady loss of energy and good health.  Weight gain, lethargy, continual minor illness and pain, allergies, and major diseases can be the direct consequence of the inability to get rid of these built-up toxins. The body is a wonderful machine and its ability to heal itself is the single biggest marvel of a modern man. But the failure to eliminate these toxins can cause permanent damage to our wellness.


The Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula liquid vitamins improve the ability of the body to detoxify itself because it is complete and scientifically balanced. The way our liquid vitamins are manufactured is the key to making our formulation unlike any other product on the market. Firstly, the Bogdana formula is liquid for easier and faster digestion. Secondly, the particle size is reduced for easier assimilation for use at the cellular level to help the individual cells detoxify themselves. Finally, Bogdana liquid formula is exposed to magnetic resonance. All of this combines to enhance the body's ability to detoxify itself.


The Body has five systems of detoxification: the skin, the colon, the urine, the lungs, and for females, menstruation. Each of these systems is responsible for eliminating the body of the toxins that enter it. Each will show a different manifestation of detoxification. This, of course, depends largely on the state of health and the kind of toxins residing inside the body. Initially, there may be bloating lasting for 48 to 72 hours. This is from the toxins being stirred up inside the colon. There may also be a couple of days of loose stools as a natural result of debris compacted along the intestinal tract being flushed out on its way to wellness. In conjunction, nausea, gas, flatulence may also be present for a short time. On the way to wellness, the body will adjust in an effort to find balance and the presence of head and body aches is not uncommon. The body expends a lot of energy when detoxifying so one may feel less energetic or anxious during the process. After the detoxification is completed, the energy and confidence will return with more potency. The copious discharge of mucus in the nasal passage may be sinuses and lungs detoxifying and not a cold.  Also, the breaking out of pimples or rashes on the skin is possible as the skin detoxifies itself. Much of this will pass in a relatively short time and is nothing to be concerned about. The body, however, will not overtax itself. If extreme discomfort should occur, this may not be detoxification and you should consult your physician.


The speed of detoxification may be controlled. If things get uncomfortable, take a little less of the Bogdana formula. The important thing to remember is that discomfort is a temporary condition that will soon pass. The body is adjusting to the new situation and good health is returning. In fact, the root cause of bad health is being eliminated. There is no substitute for good nutrition.


Detoxification is a good thing, no matter how uncomfortable or how long it takes. There is no substitute for detoxification. But with a good attitude, patience and perseverance, detoxification will be the biggest step to a new healthier today and far healthier tomorrow.


The Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins are made with natural & organic ingredients. There is nothing in our product that will harm you. In fact, there is much in it that we all need. The key to success is common sense. Learn to listen to your body and trust your instincts. The body often tells you when you need more of the Bogdana liquid vitamins formula or when to slow down.

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