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A natural supplement should be so amazingly good, that…

…it can give you the energy, motivation and a feeling of healthy happiness that makes you feel good about yourself. It can make you better than you were yesterday, and have an even better tomorrow than you are having today! That’s Bogdana RNF Liquid Vitamins! 

RNF 9 oz -1.jpg
RNF 9 oz -1.jpg
RNF 9 oz -1.jpg

Best liquid vitamins on a cellular level

  • 150 nutrients in a liquid form

  • Easy to take and 98% absorbable

  •  A - Z vitamins

  •  All essential minerals

  •  38 ionic trace minerals

  • Proteins

  • Amino acids

  • Fatty acids

  • Collagen

  • Enzymes

  • Other nutrients

  • Natural & organic ingredients

  • No artificial preservatives ​


Bogdana RNF - 9 oz   $160.00


Bogdana RNF - 3 oz   $60.00                                           $90.00                                   

Bogdana simplifies the way to take supplements.

Stop consuming so many vitamin pills and capsules. 

Choose one balanced multi-vitamin and multi-mineral liquid formula which is so easy to take for you and almost completely absorbed by your body.


Bogdana RNF Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula provides the body with the raw materials that help generate outward beauty in the best way possible... ... through inner health

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What Our Customers Say

"The Bogdana RNF is nothing short of amazing! Not only do I use it internally (which has helped my immunity a great deal). When I take this consistently I don’t get sick. I also use it topically. As a facial mask, for burns and cuts. My husband recently cut himself  and his cut healed so much more quickly then it would have otherwise. I even give it to my dog. He loves it. I could keep going. Thank you Bogdana!! "

Ann G., CA

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