Beat Any Disease By Taking Advantage Of Its Hidden Weakness


Over 16 Years Of
Scientific Research 

Usually, we let the disease take advantage of our weaknesses. We allow it to conquer our immune system. 

Lack of time or self-discipline for physical activities like spending time outside with your family and loved ones, seasonal viruses attacking our weak immune systems, poor and unchanged diet - support nothing but the disease. 

Don't Let The Disease Grow Stronger

With time, even if the eager willingness to be active and take our dogs for a longer walk, wash our van outside, take our children or grandchildren to the park, load your brain with dopamine is present -

- it becomes almost impossible for us...

... In fact, we struggle to drag ourselves from bed every day.

This is the moment when you let the disease take advantage of you!

Since 1986 we are on the mission to ... 

 reverse that situation. We are constantly studying and doing research with the goal to find the hidden weaknesses of most common diseases. We found that most of us need to catch the right momentum. 

How can you perform any physical activity if you don't feel well?

How can you beat the disease if you don't have a variety of micro and macronutrients from your diet?  

It becomes a dangerous cycle that can severely damage your health. 

Your First Step Towards Health Is Now

You should thank yourself for taking your precious time to read this page and move towards catching the right momentum. We are going to reveal the hidden weaknesses of the diseases that make your days worse...

Imagine visiting your local grocery store and walking into the aisle with supplements.

Have you ever wondered what all the vitamins and minerals do?

Usually, they are arranged from A to Z.

I am sure you're good at math. Buying all necessary vitamins from A to Z will not only cost over $500 BUT will require you to swallow 30 to 50 pills in all possible forms every single day...   

You don't want to do that!

Being over 30 years in the business allowed us to interview thousands of customers. After listening to so many opinions we came to the conclusion that in order to help build a healthy body and healthy mind we must be different... 

Bogdana Difference 

We promised to reveal the weaknesses of the most common diseases. We keep our promises. The first advantage the disease might have is a lack of absorption of vitamins and minerals. Swallowing plenty of supplements doesn't mean that we provide our body with full-spectrum of complete nutrition, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and other nutrients. 

The main benefit of taking liquid vitamins is the fact that drinking our vitamins bypasses the digestive process. 

In addition, liquids are easier and less challenging to swallow. 

Let me explain further, they get into the bloodstream much faster than dry pills and capsules. Drinking our vitamins bypasses the digestive process. 

The benefits of liquid vitamins start as soon as they are consumed. 

It is not uncommon to have hard capsules or tablets pass right through our bodies without being absorbed at all.

Liquid Vitamins are more absorbable comparing to the dry preparations that may contain binders, cheap fillers, and preservatives. 

Since the nutrients in Bogdana RNF are predigested, the product is easy for the body to absorb. 

The Bogdana RNF stands for Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula. 

The 2nd weakness...

... is the consistency or rather lack thereof. Now, we know that Liquid Vitamins are being absorbed faster and are a major building block to a healthy body & mind. 

Imagine watering your plants only once in a while. The outcome is not positive. The flowers or plants will die even if we use the strongest fertilizer. We have to water the plants frequently so they can bloom and flourish. 

The same happens to our bodies. Swallowing dry pills is not convenient for most of us.

Therefore, Bogdana's unique liquid formulation is effective and very convenient.

How to use

Simply, take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of RNF in the morning or as prescribed by your health care professional.


Knowing the weaknesses of the diseases that bother us and make our life more difficult is crucial. 

Now, that you are educated and have a better understanding of vitamins' absorption you can decide the very first step to start catching the right momentum.

Remember, the essential key for the body's maximum performance is not our unique liquid formula. Even over 16 years of intense study is not going to help...

... What is going to help are more than 100 nutrients, honey, and molasses as a natural preservative, essential minerals, a-z vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, collagen, and enzymes blended into the formula.

RNF 9oz small_edited.jpg

Best liquid vitamins on a cellular level

  • 150 nutrients in a liquid form

  • Easy to take and 98% absorbable

  •  A - Z vitamins

  •  All essential minerals

  •  38 ionic trace minerals

  • Proteins

  • Amino acids

  • Fatty acids

  • Collagen

  • Enzymes

  • Other nutrients

  • Natural & organic ingredients

  • No artificial preservatives ​

Bogdana RNF - 9 oz   $160.00

Bogdana simplifies the way to take supplements.

Stop consuming so many vitamin pills and capsules. 

Choose one balanced multi-vitamin and multi-mineral liquid formula which is so easy to take for you and almost completely absorbed by your body.


Bogdana RNF Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula provides the body with the raw materials that help generate outward beauty in the best way possible... ... through inner health

Bogdana RNF - 3 oz   $60.00        

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What Our Customers Say

"The Bogdana RNF is nothing short of amazing! Not only do I use it internally (which has helped my immunity a great deal). When I take this consistently I don’t get sick. I also use it topically. As a facial mask, for burns and cuts. My husband recently cut himself  and his cut healed so much more quickly then it would have otherwise. I even give it to my dog. He loves it. I could keep going. Thank you Bogdana!! "

Ann G., CA

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