Food Cravings

There are lots of possible reasons we crave certain kinds of food. In my opinion, food cravings are the body’s signal that we lack certain nutrients. For example, if you crave chocolate your body may be low on magnesium. If you crave salty foods, your body might need chloride. Here is a link to a chart that I found online. I find it helpful, because not only does it explain what your craving might be by telling you what you are deficient in, but gives you ideas for healthy foods to eat to satisfy it. works/food-cravings

Over the years, many customers who had regular cravings have sent us testimonials stating that after starting on the Bogdana RNF –Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula, their cravings went away. The Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula supplies over 150 nutrients, many of which are missing in our diets. Once you supply the body with the nutrients it lacks, the body is satisfied and stops craving.

During the holiday season it’s hard not to resist our cravings! If you are one of our valued customers, let us know if you have experienced relief from your cravings. Or, if you have never tried RNF, take advantage of our special offer, a free month’s supply bottle of our liquid vitamins to see if your food cravings go away.

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