Drug May Treat Alcoholism

Our body needs certain nutrients in order to function properly. Poor nutrition leads to ill-health. A balanced diet is essential to good health Those who abuse alcohol often fail to get sufficient nutrition. One of the diseases associated with substance abuse is malnutrition, so it is important for anyone who consumes alcohol to have an understanding of the relationship between alcohol and nutrition.

Here at Bogdana we believe in a balanced nutrition and natural supplements. But we are not completely against drugs, in some cases they are necessary.

A study conducted at the UCLA says that Ibudilast, an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat asthma, appears to reduce alcohol cravings and may help people beat alcoholism.

The study evaluated men and women who said they drank alcohol on an average of 21 days a month and drank seven drinks on the days when they drank.

The volunteers were divided two groups. One group was given 20 milligrams of the drug for two days and then 50 milligrams for the next four days. The second group received a placebo for six days. After a two-week break, the second group was given ibudilast while the first group took a placebo.

Researchers found that the drug, which is used mainly in Japan, significantly reduced the subjects' craving for alcohol....read more

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