Energy and Cellular Nutrition

Cellular Nutrition

When we think of health and nutrition, few of us imagine the cell. Our bodies are made up of 100 trillion cells and every one of them is more complicated than a big city. There is a lot going on in the cell in order to keep us alive, healthy and energetic.

The cell is the source of the body’s energy supply; it’s what keeps us not only functioning at optimal health but functioning at all. In fact, as soon as the cells lose any of their capacity to produce energy for the body, the result is a decline in health and our body starts to deteriorate.

Healthy cell life produces vitality - a healthy level of energy and resistance to stress and disease. But how do we make sure our cells are working at full speed at the energy front? Scientific research shows that the key to vitality is good nutrition.

Cells and energy

To understand how eating a particular diet can affect our cells, and therefore our energy levels, it’s useful to have a rough idea of how the cells actually work and how the cell produces its energy.

That particular task falls to the mitochondria, the "power plants" of the cell. There are hundreds of these in a typical cell, every one containing a unique pattern of DNA, and their job is to facilitate cellular respiration, a process through which they transform oxygen and nutrients into energy and water. The many finger-like folds in the mitochondrial inner membrane house respiratory chains where this process happens.

Amazing! Isn't it?

Optimal cellular nutrition

Many experts now agree that this is most easily done by boosting our natural defenses through optimal cellular nutrition. This simply involves providing ALL nutrients to the cell at optimal levels, which allows it to decide what it actually does and does not need. So, cellular nutrition is just the simple process of ensuring that we feed our body, our cells the right nutrition so that they can deliver on the job. That is as simple as that.

But consuming good nutrition will not really make a difference if our body is not able to fully absorb the nutrients from our foods or supplements. When the cells are full of toxins, they need to detoxify in order to absorb nutrients. Cleansed of toxins, the cells can then produce new healthy cells, and keep us energized and in good health.

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