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The Best Liquid Vitamins for the Optimal Performance on a Cellular Level

Would you like to...
  • Have a better quality of life and stay healthy longer

  • Simplify the way you take vitamins

  • Help your body get rid of toxins and strengthen your immunity

  • Get a balanced and complete supplement with 100+ nutrients

  • Try a natural supplement with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners  

  • No longer guess how much and how many nutrients you need

  • Get key nutrients for energy, metabolism, memory & whole body health

  • Try a liquid supplement that is easy to take and up to 98% absorbed 

  • Fill the gap in nutrition lacking diet and stop food cravings

  • Still have energy and stamina at the end of the day

  • Forget stress and get back that feeling of well being

  • Enjoy good health throughout your lifetime

  Who It's For 

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Bogdana RNF - Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula is a balanced, wide spectrum nutritional dietary supplement. This liquid micro nutrition incorporated sixteen years of intensive research into product that works on a cellular level and supplies the body with various "building blocks" to help build a healthy body. It provides multiple ingredients of natural & organic source vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, in a uniquely-balanced formulation that takes into account the nutritional needs of the body.

Try it to experience great results!




Are you looking for a great nutritional supplement?

Since 1986, it is our goal to provide our customers with complete nutrition for optimal health. All of the 150 micronutrients in Bogdana RNF (Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula) were carefully selected and balanced to work together with the human body. Made from natural and organic ingredients, our liquid nutrition is easy to consume, and with each serving the body fully absorbs up to 98% nutrients.  Bogdana simplified the way to take supplements.


So why consume so many vitamin pills and capsules when you can choose one balanced multivitamin and multimineral liquid formula which is so easy to take and absorb.

For Inner Health & Outer Beauty


 Bogdana RNF provides 150 nutrients to nourish the body and help in detoxification. Unless cells are cleansed of their toxins they cannot absorb enough nutrients to work at optimal level.

It is a complete nutritional formula that not only supplies nutrients necessary for a healthy body and rejuvenation,

 but it also provides an excellent support for healing.  


Bogdana RNF helps to enhance one's overall quality of life.


What Our Customers Say

J.M., NY

My skin looks more radiant and the compliments I receive on how good I look are many. I feel just fine and at the present time I am under great stress, more so than at any time in my life, but I am coping with it in such a fashion that I can only attribute it to your (nutritional) formula. 

Ann G., CA

The Bogdana RNF is nothing short of amazing! Not only do I use it internally (which has helped my immunity a great deal) when I take this consistently I don’t get sick, I also use it topically. As a facial mask, for burns and cuts. My husband recently cut himself  and his cut healed so much more quickly then it would have otherwise. I even give it to my dog. He loves it. I could keep going. Thank you Bogdana!! 

Mary & Gary C., NJ

My husband and I are 73 years old and we have been told that we are aging backwards.  We look like we are 60.  We attribute our good health and younger looks to your wonderful formula.  Please don't ever stop manufacturing it.